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Deux décennies avant qu’Internet ne permette des publications Web, Todd McFarlane avait identifié les principaux bénéfices de l’autoproduction : « I don’t got no lawyers. I don’t got no PR people. I don’t got no licensing people. I ain’t got shit! I hate to say it but I just proved that half those jobs at Marvel and DC are worthless. They could get rid of all of those guys and it’s not really going to affect the sales of their comic books, if you’re doing a comic book that taps into the heart of what the kids want right now. You don’t need a battery of people to produce big sales. What you need is a comic book that’s either good, glitzy, or happens to be tapping into whatever’s hot that week. » (Gary Groth, “…That’s the Spice of Life, Bud”: The Todd McFarlane Interview”, The Comics Journal #152, août 1992).