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Todd McFarlane

Comics as a team effort

We mentioned a few weeks ago that comics require teamwork. We feel it’s difficult for it to be the work of only one person, contrary to what Todd McFarlane claims (“The Todd McFarlane Interview,” The Comics Journal, n° 152, 1992). Beyond the respective roles, we favour collaboration because interactions lead to a proliferation of ideas and viewpoints.

With regard to the essential role of collaborators, it’s like casting in a film. You have to choose the right actor for the right part. Thus, some of my collaborators are more at ease with action scenes, others with introspective ones, etc. But one important determining characteristic for all collaborators is their ability to respect deadlines. The best illustrator is not useful if the story boards are late. Deadlines are critical in webcomics where posting regularly is a moral contract between the producer and the reader.

This doesn’t mean that the collaborator is the only one responsible for meeting the dateline. It’s also important to have a schedule that allows enough flexibility to accommodate the unforeseen events that can happen at any time.