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Knowing a location to write a story

At first, “Plunging into the Depths” was supposed to take place in Corsica. The problem was that we weren’t familiar with its geography so it was hard to make sure our scenes would suit the surroundings.  So we moved the action to Reunion Island, which had everything the action needed but was familiar to one of our collaborators.

The Bunker

You may recall that we called upon the services of designer Mercedes Ahari to help us design our backgrounds. Here is an overview of the Bunker.

Maintaining Credibility

The Web gives us an incredible amount of information that can help us create more realistic worlds, but this option has limits. Originally, “Baptism of Fire” was supposed to take place in Vienna, but that created difficulties for the choreographing of the car chase. So we moved the action to Bordeaux, a city that we’ve visited and are familiar with.