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Chris Claremont

The qualities of a writer

Matt Goldberg draws this conclusion from Fincher’s almost traumatic experience filming Alien 3: “The lesson from Alien 3 was that ‘it’s always going to be your fault,’ so why not take full credit whether people go for it or not?”  (“The Film of David Fincher: SE7EN,”, September 23, 2014).

This could be slogan of DIY. But we think you must already have those tendencies if you go that route.  On that subject, we found this analysis of the work of Chris Claremont on the X-Men (Chris Sims, “Ask Chris # 186: The Strange Rise of the X-Men,”, March 7, 2014) and an interview with Rick Remender (David Dissanayake, “Rick Remender on Creator Owned Work, Creative Process & More (Part 1),”, September 22, 2014). Both cover a lot of ground, but they also point out the qualities an author has to have. For Remender, those are passion and quality. The idea of quality can be subjective, while passion can have various implications. But Chris Sims, in talking about Claremont’s work, mentions investment and devotion. In short, you have to be ready to dedicate time to the project because, in any case, no one else is going to do it for you.