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Biography :

A US citizen, Wood was one of Brookbank’s close collaborators at the CIA. He joined the Black Orchestra, and after a personnel shuffle, was promoted to membership in the Triumvirate, the group of members who work most closely with the director. Wood avoids direct confrontations, though his personality prefers directness in other areas. He is trying to gain the maximum personal benefit from his new position.

Featured on :

  • Altercation

    Friday, September 29, 1995: Coltrane, Fabien, Jason, Hicham and Liane team up together for the first time, when Akbar comes back on the scene.
  • A Giant among men

    Wednesday, September 20, 1995: Fabien and Hicham team up together, while Jason and Fox work together: two teams, two missions.
  • The Great Game - Part II

    Sunday, September 17, 1995: After defeating Votan, Valasquez continues to reorganize his team—with particular consequences for Benson.
  • Psychological Warfare

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Gypsie takes action that will realign alliances within the Black Orchestra.
  • Clarity

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Valasquez plots his revenge. Meanwhile, Benson and Eva want to leave the Black Orchestra.
  • Back to Normal

    Monday, August 21, 1995: Valasquez, Markham, Blascovitch and Wood return to the Bunker thinking things will be back to normal.
  • Convergence

    Thursday, June 8, 1995: The Black Orchestra is preparing its troops for a great battle in the Arctic. At the same time, the Mogul, increasingly annoyed by the Krugger family's behaviour, is making his own plans.
  • The Chasm

    Tuesday, May 9, 1995: Fabien, Jason and Cassius go to the source of what could be a dangerous biological weapon. They have their first encounter with the Malthusians.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Wednesday, April 5, 1995: Benson is back at the Bunker. He realizes what really matters to him.

  • The Kidnapping

    Friday, March 31, 1995: While Benson is away, Fabien, Jason and Cassius are sent to rescue a kidnapped child, a simple operation that will have many repercussions.

  • The Quarrel

    Monday, February 27, 1995: Valasquez, Markham, Blascovitch ask where is Benson.

  • The Fortress

    Thursday, February, 2, 1995: Valasquez, Markham, Blascovitch and Wood try to understand the meaning of Benson's discovery

  • Family Quarrel

    Friday, January 20, 1995: Thinking the way is clear, Wood tries to get closer to Eva, but Blascovitch poses an unexpected barrier.

  • Shell Game

    Friday, September 30, 1994: The Black Orchestra believes it may have identified a top secret Consortium project, but there is still more to do to confirm it. A volunteer must be appointed, and Wood knows exactly who he wants to send.

  • Repentant

    Wednesday, December 8, 1993: As a result of Jason’s actions, Fabien has to spend some time at the Bunker—a situation that’s as uncomfortable for him as for the people around him.

  • Detour

    Monday, March 1st, 1993: An emergency meeting of the Black Orchestra is called. Valasquez and Brookbank have an intense discussion.

  • Clash!

    Monday, March 1st, 1993: During an emergency meeting of the Black Orchestra, Wood tries to get information from Benson.

  • Happy to Be Alive

    Thursday, July 9, 1992: While Eva waits for Benson to return, Wood tries to get to know her better. But in this triangle, nothing goes as expected.

  • Plunging into Depths

    Wednesday 15, April 1992: After months of confrontations, the latest battleground is Réunion Island, where the Consortium has set a trap for the Black Orchestra.  Fabien rediscovers some long-forgotten friends.

  • Spatter

    Tuesday, January 22, 1992: Wood arrives at the Bunker to become the third member of the Black Orchestra’s triumvirate. Valasquez tries to get Jason to come round to his ideas.

  • Missive

    “You want to know what you’re really getting into? Read the file I prepared for you. You’ll learn a few interesting details about the Black Orchestra, and about our “friends” at the Consortium and the threat they represent. It will help you better understand why we’re so determined to create this organization and why we’re mobilizing all these resources to reach our goals.”


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