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Biography :

Valasquez was one of Cordo’s first recruits. A civil servant at Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, he was persuaded to follow Cordo in his crusade and he is unwaveringly dedicated to his mentor. Like Cordo, Valasquez demonstrates steely determination and detachment from people who do not serve his purpose or who hinder his plans. He starts off as a member of the Triumvirate, the group that serves the Black Orchestra’s director most closely; later, he takes over the position of director.

Featured on :

  • So Close…

    Tuesday, January 23, 1996: Coltrane, Fabien, Jason and Liane get a new mission. It’s so simple… but a few slip-ups create complications.
  • The Cure

    Sunday, October 29, 1995: Markham gives Valasquez what he’s looking for: a cure.
  • Fog

    Wednesday, October 25, 1995: Valasquez and Markham are on their way back to the Bunker, but they end up taking a rather roundabout route.
  • Negociations

    Tuesday, October 3, 1995: Valasquez is in Dubai to get resources that will satisfy Wood and Brookbank.
  • The Great Game - Part II

    Sunday, September 17, 1995: After defeating Votan, Valasquez continues to reorganize his team—with particular consequences for Benson.
  • The Great Game - Part I

    Saturday, September 16, 1995: Votan and Valasquez know their next confrontation is coming soon, and each one is preparing in his own way.
  • Showdown in the Sun

    Friday, September 8, 1995: Valasquez and his men mount an assault on Cesar's lair, resulting in a direct confrontation with Votan.
  • Psychological Warfare

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Gypsie takes action that will realign alliances within the Black Orchestra.
  • Clarity

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Valasquez plots his revenge. Meanwhile, Benson and Eva want to leave the Black Orchestra.
  • Back to Normal

    Monday, August 21, 1995: Valasquez, Markham, Blascovitch and Wood return to the Bunker thinking things will be back to normal.
  • New Terms

    Sunday, August 20, 1995 – The terms of Valasquez, Markham, Blascovitch and Wood are renewed. Brookbank uses the opportunity to make a point.

  • Nostalgia

    Friday, June 16, 1995: A phone call rekindles a past Valasquez had thought was behind him.

  • Alliances

    Wednesday, April 5, 1995: Valasquez begins to lay the foundations of his large-scale manoeuvres to attack the Consortium plant and to ensure his re-election as head of the Black Orchestra.

  • Freaks

    Sunday, April 2, 1995: Fabien, Jason and Cassius face off against one of Volcanne's creatures. Out of nowhere, a past ally arrives to rebalance the odds, but will it be enough?

  • The Kidnapping

    Friday, March 31, 1995: While Benson is away, Fabien, Jason and Cassius are sent to rescue a kidnapped child, a simple operation that will have many repercussions.

  • The Quarrel

    Monday, February 27, 1995: Valasquez, Markham, Blascovitch ask where is Benson.

  • The Fortress

    Thursday, February, 2, 1995: Valasquez, Markham, Blascovitch and Wood try to understand the meaning of Benson's discovery

  • Shell Game

    Friday, September 30, 1994: The Black Orchestra believes it may have identified a top secret Consortium project, but there is still more to do to confirm it. A volunteer must be appointed, and Wood knows exactly who he wants to send.

  • Repentant

    Wednesday, December 8, 1993: As a result of Jason’s actions, Fabien has to spend some time at the Bunker—a situation that’s as uncomfortable for him as for the people around him.

  • Dead Man

    Thursday, September 30, 1993: Jason is sent after Tucker. Months of frustration culminate in a final showdown between the two former colleagues.

  • A Free Man

    Thursday, August 5, 1993: Tucker can finally leave the Black Orchestra and a whole new life seems to open up to him.

  • Rude Awakening

    Saturday, March 20, 1993: Valasquez needs Blascovitch to confirm some information.

  • The Extortionist

    On Monday, March 8, 1993, Valasquez goes to get money back from an extortionist.

  • Detour

    Monday, March 1st, 1993: An emergency meeting of the Black Orchestra is called. Valasquez and Brookbank have an intense discussion.

  • Fighting on Two Fronts

    Saturday, February 27, 1993: Valasquez tries to battle an external threat while, internally, a crisis occurs.

  • The Nightmare

    Thursday, February 25, 1993: The Black Orchestra is facing a very real threat and Valasquez decides to handle it in person.

  • The Truce

    On Thursday, September 17, 1992: A mission at the NATO headquarters in Brussels leaves the directors of the Black Orchestra just as confused as those of the Consortium about how to follow-up the assassination attempt.

  • Footing the Bill

    Thursday, May 28, 1992 Back at the Bunker, Fabien is making waves, and this leads Valasquez and Blascovitch to take radical steps to re-establish discipline within the Black Orchestra. Some will have to pay the price.

  • Plunging into Depths

    Wednesday 15, April 1992: After months of confrontations, the latest battleground is Réunion Island, where the Consortium has set a trap for the Black Orchestra.  Fabien rediscovers some long-forgotten friends.

  • Spatter

    Tuesday, January 22, 1992: Wood arrives at the Bunker to become the third member of the Black Orchestra’s triumvirate. Valasquez tries to get Jason to come round to his ideas.

  • Embezzlement

    Tuesday, December 31, 1991: Fabien and his colleagues are in St. Martin to capture a senior Consortium officer, but the operation doesn’t quite turn out as planned.

  • Missive

    “You want to know what you’re really getting into? Read the file I prepared for you. You’ll learn a few interesting details about the Black Orchestra, and about our “friends” at the Consortium and the threat they represent. It will help you better understand why we’re so determined to create this organization and why we’re mobilizing all these resources to reach our goals.”


  • Taking the Crown

    Thursday, November 28, 1991: In New York, Valasquez is officially named head of the Black Orchestra, bringing a slight wind of change to the organization.

  • Self-Sacrifice

    Wednesday, October 30, 1991: In Texas, Roslo is directly supervising an offensive against Fabien and his colleagues, when a third party gets involved…

  • Burning Hatred

    Thursday, October 10, 1991: In Thailand, Fabian, Benson, Tucker and Jason again face off with Christobale, who has the home-field advantage.

  • Fifth Man

    Monday, September 2, 1991: While in London, everyone ends up facing their demain - real or imagined.

  • Burst of Energy

    Tuesday, June 11, 1991: In Frankfurt, Fabien and his new teammates once again come face to face with Christobale, who is out for revenge.

  • No One Is Innocent

    Wednesday, May 15, 1991: In Montréal, a routine mission turns into an intense confrontation between Fabien and Benson.

  • Desert Rats

    Monday, March 4, 1991: An operation in the mountains of Afghanistan doesn't have a happy ending for everyone.

  • Good Resolutions

    Sunday, December 9, 1990: Another mission in the Iraqi desert. It should be a routine op of Fabien and his crew, but...

  • Battle at Sea

    Tuesday, October 16, 1990: Tensions in the Persian Gulf are mounting and coalition forces are putting pressure on Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Meanwhile, Fabien, Kirsten, Wally and Benson are on a mission to stop a delivery of weapons from the Consortium.

  • Baptism by Fire

    Tuesday, September 11, 1990: Bordeaux is the location for the Black Orchestra's first deployment mission. Benson, Fabien, Wally and Kirsten are assigned to put a stop to a Consortium operation. But once they're on the ground, adapting to the situation may be their greatest challenge.

  • Passing On the Torch

    Saturday, September 23, 1989: Cordo makes an important decision for the Black Orchestra’s long-term success—one that doesn’t make everyone happy.

  • Persuasion

    Saturday, June 10, 1989: In a meeting with Brookbank and Cooper, the team of Cordo, Valasquez, Blascovitch and Markham put out feelings for the upcoming steps. The leadership is at stake.

  • Preparing the Next Steps

    Thursday, February 2, 1989: Cordo is feeling functional again and he fully intends to plan the upcoming operations.

  • In Remission

    Monday, December 5, 1988: Cordo is receiving medical treatments that give him the second chance he was hoping for.

  • A Glimmer of hope

    Friday, October 28, 1988: Blascovitch and Valasquez bring Cordo some good news, who now has a glimmer of hope for a longer future.

  • Diagnosis

    Tuesday, August 2, 1988: Cordo gets bad news about his health. Is this going to compromise his plans?

  • The Big Move

    Monday, June 16, 1986: Valasquez and Blascovitch are preparing to move Andraski into the Bunker.

  • The Welcome Address

    Monday, March 17, 1986 : The Black Orchestra's Bunker is fainlly operational and the staff move in. Naturally, Cordo wants tyo wlcome his new employees.

  • Cleaning Up

    Friday, February 4, 1984: Cordo, Markham, Blascovitch and Valasquez come to see how Andraski’s work is coming along.

  • The Visit

    Wednesday, October 3, 1979: Cordo, Markham and Valasquez pay a visit to Blascovitch and Andraski.

  • Good relations

    Sunday, October 1, 1978: Cordo introduces a new ally to Valasquez, who wonders where all this is heading.

  • The Grand Tour

    Sunday, May 14, 1978. Cordo entrusts a delicate mission to Valasquez, who takes it very seriously.

  • Groundwork

    Wednesday, February 8, 1978: After the esacpe of Blascovitch and Andrasky, they are brought to Reykjavik. Markham, Valasquez and Jacobs plan the next stages in Cordo's great projetc.

  • Extraction

    Saturday, February 4, 1978: Valasquez hepls Jacobs get Blascovitch and Andraski out of East Germany. It's the king of operation that relly requires improvisation skills...

  • Cold Comfort

    Saturday, June 4, 1977: Valasquez tries to comfort Robert's wife after her husband's accident. But sometimes a good deed is simply th cover for a darker purpose.

  • At the Crossroads

    Monday, May 23, 1977: Valasquez sees his old friend Robert - a reunion that is more troubling than Valasquez would have thought. He is face with a decision tha's critical to his future.

  • Third Meeting

    Saturday, May 21, 1977: Valasquez finally meets the shadowy people who recently contacted him, and he finds out what they want.

  • Second Meeting

    Wednesday, January 19, 1977: Valasquez is called to a mysterious meeting, where he once again sees the  enigmatic stranger.


  • First Meeting

    Friday, October 29, 1976: A mysterious stranger asks Valasquez for help.

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