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Biography :

Stenstrom: Valasquez, Blascovitch and Markham’s bodyguard. He replaced Jacobs.

Featured on :

  • Footing the Bill

    Thursday, May 28, 1992 Back at the Bunker, Fabien is making waves, and this leads Valasquez and Blascovitch to take radical steps to re-establish discipline within the Black Orchestra. Some will have to pay the price.

  • Spatter

    Tuesday, January 22, 1992: Wood arrives at the Bunker to become the third member of the Black Orchestra’s triumvirate. Valasquez tries to get Jason to come round to his ideas.

  • At Large

    Wednesday, September 12, 1990: Jason returns to Vancouver for a test of his abilities.

  • Heart to Heart

    Monday, September 25, 1989: Cordo has a serious conversation with Markham, one that puts his loyalty to the test.

  • The Choice

    Thursday, June 11, 1987: While he's at the police station, Jason receives the offer of a lifetime.

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