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Biography :

Roslo, whose origins are unknown, is the first Consortium team member to hold the position of Head of Security. Her job is essentially to ensure the success of the Consortium’s illicit activities.

Featured on :

  • Self-Sacrifice

    Wednesday, October 30, 1991: In Texas, Roslo is directly supervising an offensive against Fabien and his colleagues, when a third party gets involved…

  • Burning Hatred

    Thursday, October 10, 1991: In Thailand, Fabian, Benson, Tucker and Jason again face off with Christobale, who has the home-field advantage.

  • Fifth Man

    Monday, September 2, 1991: While in London, everyone ends up facing their demain - real or imagined.

  • Burst of Energy

    Tuesday, June 11, 1991: In Frankfurt, Fabien and his new teammates once again come face to face with Christobale, who is out for revenge.

  • Summit Meeting

    Sunday, November 4, 1990: The Black Orchestra team must stop another Consortium plan. Consortium members gather to discuss the number or operations that have failed in a short time and to take the necessary steps

  • Battle at Sea

    Tuesday, October 16, 1990: Tensions in the Persian Gulf are mounting and coalition forces are putting pressure on Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Meanwhile, Fabien, Kirsten, Wally and Benson are on a mission to stop a delivery of weapons from the Consortium.

  • Baptism by Fire

    Tuesday, September 11, 1990: Bordeaux is the location for the Black Orchestra's first deployment mission. Benson, Fabien, Wally and Kirsten are assigned to put a stop to a Consortium operation. But once they're on the ground, adapting to the situation may be their greatest challenge.

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