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Justin Taillon

Biography :

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  • A Giant among men

    Wednesday, September 20, 1995: Fabien and Hicham team up together, while Jason and Fox work together: two teams, two missions.
  • Convergence

    Thursday, June 8, 1995: The Black Orchestra is preparing its troops for a great battle in the Arctic. At the same time, the Mogul, increasingly annoyed by the Krugger family's behaviour, is making his own plans.
  • Alliances

    Wednesday, April 5, 1995: Valasquez begins to lay the foundations of his large-scale manoeuvres to attack the Consortium plant and to ensure his re-election as head of the Black Orchestra.

  • Good relations

    Sunday, October 1, 1978: Cordo introduces a new ally to Valasquez, who wonders where all this is heading.

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