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Biography :

Jacobs: Cordo’s bodyguard.

Featured on :

  • Cleaning Up

    Friday, February 4, 1984: Cordo, Markham, Blascovitch and Valasquez come to see how Andraski’s work is coming along.

  • A Call for Help

    Monday, May 17, 1982: An urgent situation means that Cordo has to ask Blascovitch for help.

  • The Visit

    Wednesday, October 3, 1979: Cordo, Markham and Valasquez pay a visit to Blascovitch and Andraski.

  • Good relations

    Sunday, October 1, 1978: Cordo introduces a new ally to Valasquez, who wonders where all this is heading.

  • The Grand Tour

    Sunday, May 14, 1978. Cordo entrusts a delicate mission to Valasquez, who takes it very seriously.

  • Groundwork

    Wednesday, February 8, 1978: After the esacpe of Blascovitch and Andrasky, they are brought to Reykjavik. Markham, Valasquez and Jacobs plan the next stages in Cordo's great projetc.

  • Extraction

    Saturday, February 4, 1978: Valasquez hepls Jacobs get Blascovitch and Andraski out of East Germany. It's the king of operation that relly requires improvisation skills...

  • Cold Comfort

    Saturday, June 4, 1977: Valasquez tries to comfort Robert's wife after her husband's accident. But sometimes a good deed is simply th cover for a darker purpose.

  • Third Meeting

    Saturday, May 21, 1977: Valasquez finally meets the shadowy people who recently contacted him, and he finds out what they want.

  • Second Meeting

    Wednesday, January 19, 1977: Valasquez is called to a mysterious meeting, where he once again sees the  enigmatic stranger.


  • First Meeting

    Friday, October 29, 1976: A mysterious stranger asks Valasquez for help.

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