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Biography :

Gypsie, whose origins are unclear, ended up in the South American training camp led by Travis. She has mystical knowledge. Highly ambitious and fascinated by power, she will not hesitate to use all means possible to achieve her goals.

Featured on :

  • The Great Game - Part II

    Sunday, September 17, 1995: After defeating Votan, Valasquez continues to reorganize his team—with particular consequences for Benson.
  • The Great Game - Part I

    Saturday, September 16, 1995: Votan and Valasquez know their next confrontation is coming soon, and each one is preparing in his own way.
  • Showdown in the Sun

    Friday, September 8, 1995: Valasquez and his men mount an assault on Cesar's lair, resulting in a direct confrontation with Votan.
  • Clarity

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Valasquez plots his revenge. Meanwhile, Benson and Eva want to leave the Black Orchestra.
  • Psychological Warfare

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Gypsie takes action that will realign alliances within the Black Orchestra.
  • Salt in the Wound

    Monday, August 21, 1995: Blascovitch is back at the Bunker and can’t wait to find Gypsie. But she’s got other plans in mind…
  • More Bad News

    Monday, August 21, 1995: Gypsie’s plans go awry as bad news piles up.
  • Joy and Pain

    Sunday, August 20, 1995: The Black Orchestra team get intelligence of how the operation is unfolding. For Gypsie, the news is not necessarily good.
  • With Baited Breath

    Sunday, August 20, 1995: There's anxiety in the air at the Bunker. Everyone is tracking how the operations unfold, as the Black Orchestra mounts an assault on the Consortium facilities. Gypsie is particularly interested in the outcome of that operation. 

  • Convergence

    Thursday, June 8, 1995: The Black Orchestra is preparing its troops for a great battle in the Arctic. At the same time, the Mogul, increasingly annoyed by the Krugger family's behaviour, is making his own plans.
  • The Chasm

    Tuesday, May 9, 1995: Fabien, Jason and Cassius go to the source of what could be a dangerous biological weapon. They have their first encounter with the Malthusians.

  • The Trigger

    Tuesday, February 21, 1995: Gypsie believes she is advancing her own interests by offering Blascovitch a suggestion.

  • Shell Game

    Friday, September 30, 1994: The Black Orchestra believes it may have identified a top secret Consortium project, but there is still more to do to confirm it. A volunteer must be appointed, and Wood knows exactly who he wants to send.

  • The Schemers

    Wednesday, July 21, 1993: Gypsie continues to work on their grand scheme.

  • Hiatus

    Wednesday, March 10, 1993: Gypsie has a request for Blascovitch, and no is not answer she's looking for.

  • Murmure

    Thursday, October 29, 1992: Gypsie comes across a former acquaintance at the Bunker.

  • Night Watch

    Saturday, October 17, 1992: Blascovitch wants to check that Gypsie is adapting well to her new environment.

  • Packing up

    Sunday, August 16, 1992: Blascovitch returns from Travis's training camp. Gypsie seizes the opportunity and takes the first steps in her plot with Black Orchestra.

  • Dreams

    Saturday, July 4, 1992: Travis and Gypsie talk about their dreams and prepare the next step of their plan.

  • Surprise Visit

    Thursday, December 12, 1991: Blascovitch drops in at Travis’ campsite unexpectedly, and does not receive a warm welcome.

  • Rise in power

    Sunday, November 12, 1991: Votan continues his offensive. After their return, Travis and Gipsy continue to scheme.

  • Setting the Stage

    Sunday, June 30, 1991: Gipsy and Travis play a game that will set the tone for their relationship.

  • The Path

    Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

  • Figuring Things Out

    Wednesday, May 15, 1991: Gipsy questions Travis about his decision to give Tucker a promotion.

  • The Chosen One

    Monday, May 13, 1991: Tucker is chosen for assignment at the Bunker. The decision doesn't meet with everyone's approval.

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