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Biography :

Eva is a US citizen recruited to be the first “prime planner,” or chief analyst, of the Black Orchestra. The position was offered to her at a point in her personal and professional life when she felt she was heading nowhere, but craved more stimulating challenges. Her job is to coordinate the work of different teams of analysts and to determine investigative priorities. Eva likes the challenge of her job but must find ways to deal with the isolation of her place of work, since being on the social sidelines does not mesh well with her outgoing personality.

Featured on :

  • Clarity

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Valasquez plots his revenge. Meanwhile, Benson and Eva want to leave the Black Orchestra.
  • Repercussions

    Sunday, August 20, 1995: Benson returns to the Bunker to find his world turned upside down. Meanwhile, the Consortium is wasting no time regrouping.
  • Nausea

    Thursday, June 9, 1995: Eva isn't feeling well.
  • The Chasm

    Tuesday, May 9, 1995: Fabien, Jason and Cassius go to the source of what could be a dangerous biological weapon. They have their first encounter with the Malthusians.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Wednesday, April 5, 1995: Benson is back at the Bunker. He realizes what really matters to him.

  • Alliances

    Wednesday, April 5, 1995: Valasquez begins to lay the foundations of his large-scale manoeuvres to attack the Consortium plant and to ensure his re-election as head of the Black Orchestra.

  • The Kidnapping

    Friday, March 31, 1995: While Benson is away, Fabien, Jason and Cassius are sent to rescue a kidnapped child, a simple operation that will have many repercussions.

  • Family Quarrel

    Friday, January 20, 1995: Thinking the way is clear, Wood tries to get closer to Eva, but Blascovitch poses an unexpected barrier.

  • Shell Game

    Friday, September 30, 1994: The Black Orchestra believes it may have identified a top secret Consortium project, but there is still more to do to confirm it. A volunteer must be appointed, and Wood knows exactly who he wants to send.

  • Repentant

    Wednesday, December 8, 1993: As a result of Jason’s actions, Fabien has to spend some time at the Bunker—a situation that’s as uncomfortable for him as for the people around him.

  • Lethargy

    Wednesday, March 17, 1993: Eva looks for someone to confide a heavy secret to.

  • The Extortionist

    On Monday, March 8, 1993, Valasquez goes to get money back from an extortionist.

  • Fighting on Two Fronts

    Saturday, February 27, 1993: Valasquez tries to battle an external threat while, internally, a crisis occurs.

  • The Nightmare

    Thursday, February 25, 1993: The Black Orchestra is facing a very real threat and Valasquez decides to handle it in person.

  • Such a Kind Man

    January 23, 1993: Fabien and his team mates are trying to contact Georges Cartier’s secretary. But does one trap conceal another?

  • Happy to Be Alive

    Thursday, July 9, 1992: While Eva waits for Benson to return, Wood tries to get to know her better. But in this triangle, nothing goes as expected.

  • Plunging into Depths

    Wednesday 15, April 1992: After months of confrontations, the latest battleground is Réunion Island, where the Consortium has set a trap for the Black Orchestra.  Fabien rediscovers some long-forgotten friends.

  • Spatter

    Tuesday, January 22, 1992: Wood arrives at the Bunker to become the third member of the Black Orchestra’s triumvirate. Valasquez tries to get Jason to come round to his ideas.

  • Embezzlement

    Tuesday, December 31, 1991: Fabien and his colleagues are in St. Martin to capture a senior Consortium officer, but the operation doesn’t quite turn out as planned.

  • Missive

    “You want to know what you’re really getting into? Read the file I prepared for you. You’ll learn a few interesting details about the Black Orchestra, and about our “friends” at the Consortium and the threat they represent. It will help you better understand why we’re so determined to create this organization and why we’re mobilizing all these resources to reach our goals.”


  • Taking the Crown

    Thursday, November 28, 1991: In New York, Valasquez is officially named head of the Black Orchestra, bringing a slight wind of change to the organization.

  • Fifth Man

    Monday, September 2, 1991: While in London, everyone ends up facing their demain - real or imagined.

  • Plan B

    Thursday, May 16, 1991: Benson comes back from a hard mission and tries to share his impressions with someone who’s willing to listening.

  • Debriefing

    Tuesday, January 1, 1991: The New Year starts off with bad news and Eva tries to be understanding with Benson.

  • Leave

    On Wednesday, October 17, 1990: There is a strange kind of tension in the air and Benson and Eva have words.

  • Battle at Sea

    Tuesday, October 16, 1990: Tensions in the Persian Gulf are mounting and coalition forces are putting pressure on Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Meanwhile, Fabien, Kirsten, Wally and Benson are on a mission to stop a delivery of weapons from the Consortium.

  • Baptism by Fire

    Tuesday, September 11, 1990: Bordeaux is the location for the Black Orchestra's first deployment mission. Benson, Fabien, Wally and Kirsten are assigned to put a stop to a Consortium operation. But once they're on the ground, adapting to the situation may be their greatest challenge.

  • Warning

    Monday, January 15, 1990: Benson learns a bi more about the rules of operation at the Black Orchestra.

  • Crosswords

    Friday, January 12, 1990: Recently arrived at the Black OrchestraBunker, Benson tries to hold on the some old habits.

  • Turning Over a New Leaf

    Wednesday, October 11, 1989: Éva returns to the Black Orchestra, and Markham has a few words of advice for her.

  • Turning the page

    Thursday, September 28, 1989: Eva finally settles the details of her divorce and puts her old life behind her for good.

  • Between Four Eyes

    Tuesday, April 11, 1989: Éva and Markham have a discussion.

  • Past Imperfect

    Friday, September 16, 1988: Eva is flooded with memories and doubts. She needs answers.

  • Faux pas

    Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

  • Alcove

    Sunday, January 3, 1988:  Eva and Blascovitch have an intimate moment.

  • Sticky wicket

    Friday, November 5, 1987: Eva seems to have found a new lover: a relationship with a lot of potential problems—and benefits.

  • Death notice

    Friday, September 11, 1987: Éva returns to The Bunker where she receives bad news from Blascovitch.

  • Laying the cards on the table

    Sunday, August 16, 1987: On a break from the Black Orchestra, Éva decides to go see her husband.

  • Choosing the right time!

    Thursday, May 21, 1987: Eva and Joonas' relationship becomes a little complicated.

  • Crossing the line

    Saturday, January 3, 1987: Éva looks into Joonas' extended skill set.

  • On the job

    Friday, December 19, 1986: Joonas tries to impress Éva—and seems to succeed.

  • A Warm Welcome

    Tuesday, November 4, 1986: Eva arrives at the Bunker. Blascovitch gives her the grand tour and introduces her to her collaborators.

  • A Firm Offer

    Friday, October 10, 1986: Blascovitch and Brookbank offer Eva a job.

  • Letdown

    On Thursday, September 18, 1986: Eva finally gets an answer about the promotion she wants.

  • Double Dealing

    Thursday, August 14, 1986: Eva is trying to get some information but discovers that many things are nothing more than appearances.

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