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Biography :

Desmond, whose exact origins are unknown though it is presumed he was born somewhere in Africa, inherited the positions of Coordinator and Head of Security of the Consortium, after an administrative shake-up. He allocates activities between group members and is responsible for the success of the Consortium’s illicit operations.

Featured on :

  • Showdown

    Sunday, August 20, 1995. Months of skirmishes and weeks of preparation have led up to the Black Orchestra's large-scale operation. Fabien, Benson, Jason, Cassius and their allies lead the charge against Krugger's Arctic fortress and against the Mogul.
  • The Chasm

    Tuesday, May 9, 1995: Fabien, Jason and Cassius go to the source of what could be a dangerous biological weapon. They have their first encounter with the Malthusians.

  • Tracking

    Saturday August 13, 1994: Fabien, Benson, Jason and Cassius are trying to intercept the Consortium leadership's helicopter. But will their trap backfire?

  • The Transaction

    Monday, May 2, 1994: Fabien, Benson, Jason and their new teammate, Cassius, intervene in a Consortium transaction. The operation leads to an unexpected pas-de-deux.

  • Blitzkrieg

    Tuesday, March 7, 1994, Jurgen is the head of security at one of the Consortium’s plants. But this night’s work won’t be like the others. 

  • Night Cargo

    Tuesday, May 11, 1993: On the coast of New Zealand, there’s a confrontation between Benson’s team and the Consortium forces. 

  • Takeover - Part III

    Wednesday, November 4, 1992: The operation in Bhutan ends with an important discovery. But will Fabien and the others be able to pass it on?

  • Takeover - Part II

    Wednesday, November 4, 1992: The team has been split up. Fabien, Tucker and Jason find themselves in Bhutan to serve the Consortium—where they make a surprising encounter.

  • Takeover - Part I

    Tuesday, November 3, 1992: Benson and his team are looking for answers about a recent takeover attempt of the Krugger Company, answers that several others would also like to have.

  • Embezzlement

    Tuesday, December 31, 1991: Fabien and his colleagues are in St. Martin to capture a senior Consortium officer, but the operation doesn’t quite turn out as planned.

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