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Biography :

Christobale: The Consortium’s team leader, which often brings him into conflict with the Black Orchestra’s operations team. After being seriously injured during a mission, he received treatment from Volcanne, who turned him into a powerful killing machine.

Featured on :

  • Burning Hatred

    Thursday, October 10, 1991: In Thailand, Fabian, Benson, Tucker and Jason again face off with Christobale, who has the home-field advantage.

  • Such a Good Day to Leave

     Sunday, September 25, 1991: Recruits carry out a first training mission in Thailand. It promise to be easy enough, but they soon learn the hard way that d life is a battle - one that's often lost in advance.

  • Burst of Energy

    Tuesday, June 11, 1991: In Frankfurt, Fabien and his new teammates once again come face to face with Christobale, who is out for revenge.

  • Desert Rats

    Monday, March 4, 1991: An operation in the mountains of Afghanistan doesn't have a happy ending for everyone.

  • Good Resolutions

    Sunday, December 9, 1990: Another mission in the Iraqi desert. It should be a routine op of Fabien and his crew, but...

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