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Biography :

Andraski: A Russian genius. He worked in East Germany training Olympic athletes. He defected at the same time as Blascovitch, his close friend. Andraski uses his knowledge to train the Rebels’ superhuman abilities. He’s also worked on developing technology for accelerated fitness training and for selectively erasing memories.

Featured on :

  • Footing the Bill

    Thursday, May 28, 1992 Back at the Bunker, Fabien is making waves, and this leads Valasquez and Blascovitch to take radical steps to re-establish discipline within the Black Orchestra. Some will have to pay the price.

  • Prescription

    On Friday, March 17, 1989: Markham tries to send Andraski a personal request.

  • In Remission

    Monday, December 5, 1988: Cordo is receiving medical treatments that give him the second chance he was hoping for.

  • The Big Move

    Monday, June 16, 1986: Valasquez and Blascovitch are preparing to move Andraski into the Bunker.

  • Cleaning Up

    Friday, February 4, 1984: Cordo, Markham, Blascovitch and Valasquez come to see how Andraski’s work is coming along.

  • A Call for Help

    Monday, May 17, 1982: An urgent situation means that Cordo has to ask Blascovitch for help.

  • The Visit

    Wednesday, October 3, 1979: Cordo, Markham and Valasquez pay a visit to Blascovitch and Andraski.

  • Groundwork

    Wednesday, February 8, 1978: After the esacpe of Blascovitch and Andrasky, they are brought to Reykjavik. Markham, Valasquez and Jacobs plan the next stages in Cordo's great projetc.

  • Extraction

    Saturday, February 4, 1978: Valasquez hepls Jacobs get Blascovitch and Andraski out of East Germany. It's the king of operation that relly requires improvisation skills...

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