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Biography :

Benson is a US citizen who joined the Armed Forces in the mid-1970s, where he was noticed and recruited by a secret branch of the CIA. He is action-oriented and dislikes red tape. He is a solitary man who is fully aware of the risks of his job and was surprised by the offer to become the team leader for the Black Orchestra’s intervention team. Inside the organization, he often finds himself caught in the crossfire of the others’ ambitions and mood swings. He tries to remain detached to prevent these tensions from impacting on him.

Featured on :

  • The Great Game - Part II

    Sunday, September 17, 1995: After defeating Votan, Valasquez continues to reorganize his team—with particular consequences for Benson.
  • The Great Game - Part I

    Saturday, September 16, 1995: Votan and Valasquez know their next confrontation is coming soon, and each one is preparing in his own way.
  • Showdown in the Sun

    Friday, September 8, 1995: Valasquez and his men mount an assault on Cesar's lair, resulting in a direct confrontation with Votan.
  • Psychological Warfare

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Gypsie takes action that will realign alliances within the Black Orchestra.
  • Clarity

    Tuesday, August 22, 1995: Valasquez plots his revenge. Meanwhile, Benson and Eva want to leave the Black Orchestra.
  • Counteroffensive

    Monday, August 21, 1995: Akbar is now the Consortium’s head of internal security and he fully intends to undo the recent damage.
  • Repercussions

    Sunday, August 20, 1995: Benson returns to the Bunker to find his world turned upside down. Meanwhile, the Consortium is wasting no time regrouping.
  • Conflagration

    Sunday, August 20, 1995, Fabien, Benson, Jason, Cassius and allies are in pursuit of Mogul.
  • Showdown

    Sunday, August 20, 1995. Months of skirmishes and weeks of preparation have led up to the Black Orchestra's large-scale operation. Fabien, Benson, Jason, Cassius and their allies lead the charge against Krugger's Arctic fortress and against the Mogul.
  • Convergence

    Thursday, June 8, 1995: The Black Orchestra is preparing its troops for a great battle in the Arctic. At the same time, the Mogul, increasingly annoyed by the Krugger family's behaviour, is making his own plans.
  • Home Sweet Home

    Wednesday, April 5, 1995: Benson is back at the Bunker. He realizes what really matters to him.

  • Alliances

    Wednesday, April 5, 1995: Valasquez begins to lay the foundations of his large-scale manoeuvres to attack the Consortium plant and to ensure his re-election as head of the Black Orchestra.

  • A Light in the Dark

    Wednesday, January 11, 1995: Benson may be on the verge of finding what he's been looking for.

  • The Ends of the Earth

    Monday, January 2, 1995: Benson continues his search. Lady Luck smiles on him and he receives some unexpected help.

  • Shell Game

    Friday, September 30, 1994: The Black Orchestra believes it may have identified a top secret Consortium project, but there is still more to do to confirm it. A volunteer must be appointed, and Wood knows exactly who he wants to send.

  • Tracking

    Saturday August 13, 1994: Fabien, Benson, Jason and Cassius are trying to intercept the Consortium leadership's helicopter. But will their trap backfire?

  • Battle of the Titans

    Wednesday, June 7, 1994: Fabien, Benson, Jason and Cassius intercept a weapons shipment in Kosovo. Safran, who is in charge of the convoy, plans to offer fierce resistance. A battle between the titans ensues.

  • The Transaction

    Monday, May 2, 1994: Fabien, Benson, Jason and their new teammate, Cassius, intervene in a Consortium transaction. The operation leads to an unexpected pas-de-deux.

  • Virus - Part III

    Wenesday, March 9, 1994: Hamburg is the scene of the final confrontation between Volcanne and Fabien and the team, a battle that will have terrible consequences for one of the crew.

  • Virus - Part II

    Tuesday, March 7, 1994: The face-off between Volcanne and Fabien and the crew continues in Germany.

  • Virus—Part I

    Wednesday, March 2, 1994: In Rwanda, Fabien and his colleagues once again have to face Volcanne and her monstrosities to prevent a terrible disaster.

  • Repentant

    Wednesday, December 8, 1993: As a result of Jason’s actions, Fabien has to spend some time at the Bunker—a situation that’s as uncomfortable for him as for the people around him.

  • Tailspin

    Thursday, November 11, 1993: An extreme cycling tour is the scene for a manhunt, in which Fabien must uncover a too-secret agent.

  • The Abyss

    Thursday, October 28, 1993: Fabien, Benson, Jason and Marion come face-to-face with the latest incarnation of the assassins Grant, Lee and Buffalo.

  • Dead Man

    Thursday, September 30, 1993: Jason is sent after Tucker. Months of frustration culminate in a final showdown between the two former colleagues.

  • A Free Man

    Thursday, August 5, 1993: Tucker can finally leave the Black Orchestra and a whole new life seems to open up to him.

  • Night Cargo

    Tuesday, May 11, 1993: On the coast of New Zealand, there’s a confrontation between Benson’s team and the Consortium forces. 

  • Lethargy

    Wednesday, March 17, 1993: Eva looks for someone to confide a heavy secret to.

  • The Extortionist

    On Monday, March 8, 1993, Valasquez goes to get money back from an extortionist.

  • Clash!

    Monday, March 1st, 1993: During an emergency meeting of the Black Orchestra, Wood tries to get information from Benson.

  • Fighting on Two Fronts

    Saturday, February 27, 1993: Valasquez tries to battle an external threat while, internally, a crisis occurs.

  • The Nightmare

    Thursday, February 25, 1993: The Black Orchestra is facing a very real threat and Valasquez decides to handle it in person.

  • Such a Kind Man

    January 23, 1993: Fabien and his team mates are trying to contact Georges Cartier’s secretary. But does one trap conceal another?

  • Takeover - Part III

    Wednesday, November 4, 1992: The operation in Bhutan ends with an important discovery. But will Fabien and the others be able to pass it on?

  • Takeover - Part I

    Tuesday, November 3, 1992: Benson and his team are looking for answers about a recent takeover attempt of the Krugger Company, answers that several others would also like to have.

  • Divide to Conquer

    On Tuesday, November 3, 1992, Benson must escape his jailors and move fast to help his colleagues.

  • The Truce

    On Thursday, September 17, 1992: A mission at the NATO headquarters in Brussels leaves the directors of the Black Orchestra just as confused as those of the Consortium about how to follow-up the assassination attempt.

  • Happy to Be Alive

    Thursday, July 9, 1992: While Eva waits for Benson to return, Wood tries to get to know her better. But in this triangle, nothing goes as expected.

  • Footing the Bill

    Thursday, May 28, 1992 Back at the Bunker, Fabien is making waves, and this leads Valasquez and Blascovitch to take radical steps to re-establish discipline within the Black Orchestra. Some will have to pay the price.

  • Plunging into Depths

    Wednesday 15, April 1992: After months of confrontations, the latest battleground is Réunion Island, where the Consortium has set a trap for the Black Orchestra.  Fabien rediscovers some long-forgotten friends.

  • Spatter

    Tuesday, January 22, 1992: Wood arrives at the Bunker to become the third member of the Black Orchestra’s triumvirate. Valasquez tries to get Jason to come round to his ideas.

  • Embezzlement

    Tuesday, December 31, 1991: Fabien and his colleagues are in St. Martin to capture a senior Consortium officer, but the operation doesn’t quite turn out as planned.

  • Missive

    “You want to know what you’re really getting into? Read the file I prepared for you. You’ll learn a few interesting details about the Black Orchestra, and about our “friends” at the Consortium and the threat they represent. It will help you better understand why we’re so determined to create this organization and why we’re mobilizing all these resources to reach our goals.”


  • Taking the Crown

    Thursday, November 28, 1991: In New York, Valasquez is officially named head of the Black Orchestra, bringing a slight wind of change to the organization.

  • Self-Sacrifice

    Wednesday, October 30, 1991: In Texas, Roslo is directly supervising an offensive against Fabien and his colleagues, when a third party gets involved…

  • Burning Hatred

    Thursday, October 10, 1991: In Thailand, Fabian, Benson, Tucker and Jason again face off with Christobale, who has the home-field advantage.

  • On the Outside

    Sunday, September 29, 1991: While on vacation, Benson meets with Brookbank to discuss his role in the Black Orchestra. 

  • Fifth Man

    Monday, September 2, 1991: While in London, everyone ends up facing their demain - real or imagined.

  • Burst of Energy

    Tuesday, June 11, 1991: In Frankfurt, Fabien and his new teammates once again come face to face with Christobale, who is out for revenge.

  • Plan B

    Thursday, May 16, 1991: Benson comes back from a hard mission and tries to share his impressions with someone who’s willing to listening.

  • No One Is Innocent

    Wednesday, May 15, 1991: In Montréal, a routine mission turns into an intense confrontation between Fabien and Benson.

  • The Round

    Saturday, March 9, 1991: Benson mulls over his team's récent setbacks and Blascovitch tries to cheere him up.


  • Desert Rats

    Monday, March 4, 1991: An operation in the mountains of Afghanistan doesn't have a happy ending for everyone.

  • Debriefing

    Tuesday, January 1, 1991: The New Year starts off with bad news and Eva tries to be understanding with Benson.

  • Good Resolutions

    Sunday, December 9, 1990: Another mission in the Iraqi desert. It should be a routine op of Fabien and his crew, but...

  • Summit Meeting

    Sunday, November 4, 1990: The Black Orchestra team must stop another Consortium plan. Consortium members gather to discuss the number or operations that have failed in a short time and to take the necessary steps

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